For H.

Gijs Assmann
For H.

Book presentation January 20th 2019 14:00 Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

21 × 30 cm, 336 p, ills colour, paperback
ISBN 9789493146006
design and editing: Gijs Assmann & Jurgen Maelfeyt (6′56″)

edition of 1000
January 2019

On a daily basis, Gijs Assmann sends his lover, H., a handmade collage by post. Assmann started this ritual in November 2009. These collages are a daily exercise for Assmann, which give us an insight in the dazzling head of the artist. Furthermore, the collages show us that love is versatile, and more complex than we sometimes tell ourselves. Assmann shows us that love is not static and clear-cut, but that it is alive and should never be considered as a self-evident truth. For this publication H. selected her favourite ‘declarations of love’. Bookpresentation January 20th 2019 in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Since 2009 Assmann has been sending collages to his girlfriend on a daily basis. For this publication she selected her 332 favorite ones. 

  • Ik heb genoeg

    ijzer, rubber, linnen
    2,40 x 2,40 x 0,71 m.

    Ik heb genoeg
  • De 7 hoofdzonden (detail 'Gulzigheid')

    keramiek, textiel, bladgoud en bladzilver

    1,58 x 0,34 x 0,24 m. 

    kunsttoepassing Cals College IJsselstein

    De 7 hoofdzonden (detail...
  • 2016-09-15

  • Hester Oerlemans 'LINK-O-LOON'

    Hester Oerlemans 'LI...
  • 'Kijk mama, zonder handen'

    (met Erik Mattijssen)
    1,50 x 1,80 0,15 m.
    aquarel, acrylverf, collage, rubber, touw, wol, kapok, nietjes
    collectie LUMC, Leiden

    'Kijk mama, zonder h...
  • Desalniettemin de Liefde

    foto: Peter Cox

    Desalniettemin de Liefde
  • De 7 hoofdzonden (detail 'gierigheid')

    brons 10 delen
    in grootte variërend van 0,03 x 0,03 x 0,01 tot 0,32 x 0,32 x 0,34 m.
    kunsttoepassing Cals College IJsselstein

    De 7 hoofdzonden (detail...
  • Overzicht tentoonstelling 'BRENGEN-HALEN' Museum Beelden aan Zee

    foto: Friso Keuris

    Overzicht tentoonstelling...