Pendulum, Gijs Assmann

 Pendulum, Gijs Assmann. The making of the sculpture Pendulum for the European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam

  • ISBN/EAN: 978-90-9034123-1
  • 104 pages body copy, 44 full color photos
  • Format book block 240 x 320 mm
  • 1.000 copies. Price € 49,00 (incl. VAT)
  • Special edition: € 100,00 (incl.VAT) signed, inclusive a signed print in edition of 25. Four different images so in total 100 copies
  • Design Roel Klaverstijn
  • Photography Friso Keuris

 Pendulum tells about the creation of the sculpture Pendulum for the European Medicines Agency. The book not only describes the procedure that led to the selection of Gijs Assmann as the artist to make this sculpture; it also chronicles how the design came into being, the manner in which it was executed by Schmees Casting in Pirna (Germany), and the installation of the work at the Amsterdam Zuidas.

 The texts by Gijs Frieling (senior art advisor to the Government Architect) and Gijs Assmann about the sculpture’s design process.