Once seen and really liked artists

25 feb 2021



Just one artist out of my "Once seen and really liked artists"-diary...:

Sculptor/painter Gijs Assmann is in a quite literal sense a superb collagist. Every time he comes out with a new work, which he is doing for decades now, it is thoroughly surprising and intriguing. Be it a sculpture in public space, which he created a lot, or a daily collage he set himself to make as a token of love to his beloved one when she was not yet living together with him.

There are many works in the art world, that are superbly beautiful, just on a formal level, such as for example the beautiful works of Janine van Oene, that I posted lately.

Or other artworks are just more superbly interesting on an inner conceptual narrative level. Such as - I find- Nam June Paik.

Then there are those works, though, that carry that mysterious "third factor"... this strange hardly graspable impact, that leaves our mind impotent to define. That hits us directly in the stomach. Even more : about which you feel it should -for heaven's sake- remain that way,... an unsolved mystery..!! These works can hang or stand in your house or in public space forever,...never stopping to "emanate" this strange third factor.

In a Volkskrant review, I think he was once called the Hidden Gem in the Dutch Art World. I totally agree with this conclusion.

Paksha van Slooten

25 februari om 13:14