6 okt 2021 to 17 okt 2021

 Since its establishment in 2012, Taste Contemporary has championed ceramic art; recognising and showcasing the work of both established and emerging international artists and building a strong collector market for this work in Switzerland and beyond. Over this period, the medium of clay has been increasingly embraced by the wider art market. Work by artists who use clay as their primary material is now more evident at major art fairs and in contemporary art galleries. The art world is also recognising the work of ceramic artists in exhibitions such as Shapes from Out of Nowhere: Ceramics from the Robert A. Ellison Jr. Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Having opened in February 2021, this exhibition explores abstraction in modern and contemporary ceramics. 

 Taste Contemporary now wishes to explore a dialogue between ceramics and photography in an exhibition that bring together five ceramic artists and five photographers at Usine Kugler, Geneva, Switzerland in October 2021. Participating artists: Kim Boske, Marit Tingleff, Ruth van Beek, Richard Meitner, Isabelle Wenzel, Elspeth Diederix, Virginia Leonard, Anne Marie LaureysPaul Kooiker andGijs Assmann

 Responding to the industrial setting of La Fonderie Kugler, a former tap foundry in Geneva, the exhibition will pair the work of five ceramic artists with five photographers; presenting ten distinct artistic voices engaging in an exciting dialogue within the building’s gritty interior. Presenting strong, bold and ambitious works, the exhibition will reflect the confidence and maturity currently existing within contemporary ceramics and will introduce audiences familiar with both ceramics and photography to the possibilities that exist in the other genre.

 Exhibiting under the banner of Taste Contemporary, Monique Deul showcases innovative work by a select group of both new and established internationally recognised artists whose work is included in numerous public & private collections. Encouraging a greater appreciation of artists whose work is material let, Taste Contemporary is committed to promoting important and innovative work that is exciting and challenges current assumptions about what is possible. Taste Contemporary presented its first exhibition in 2014 and since then has delivered an annual programme that includes a series of special projects at select venues such as Five Cubed at Usine Kugler in 2019 and Odd and Even - A Collection at Maison Louis Carré, Paris in 2021; museum collaborations such as Contained | Contenu with Musée Ariana, Genève in 2018, and participation in international fairs such as artmonte-carlo, artgenève and MIART. In addition, Monique Deul advises public and private collectors on building a collection of contemporary sculptural works and artworks.